Our Mission

  • To promote, foster, advance and control the practice of Judo in the Republic of South Africa
  • To provide the opportunity of judo to all communities regarding all aspects of judo
  • To promote the Olympic Spirit (as set out in the Olympic Charter) in the sport of Judo both inside and outside the geographical borders of South Africa
  • To serve as an international communication medium
  • To celebrate our members


  • Judo is practiced by over 3 000 registered judoka at 106 clubs in 7 of the 9 provinces of South Africa:
  • Eastern Cape: 21 clubs
  • Free State: 10 clubs
  • Gauteng: 31 clubs
  • KwaZulu-Natal: 9 clubs
  • Limpopo: 9 clubs
  • North West: 4 clubs
  • Western Cape: 22 clubs

Executive Committee

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